The Big Freeze

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13 November 2020

On Thursday we had half a day off timetable so that we could explore some exciting artwork by the award-winning children’s illustrator, Emma Yarlett. Like many people, we found that although we could name many great bible stories and discuss how they linked to our school values, we found it trickier to know how all of these stories fit together to tell the big story of Christianity. So with support from Emma Yarlett’s illustrations, we began to think about the eight key concepts of Christianity, first using simple concept cards and then venturing into the more complex versions that make up The Big Frieze.

We cracked the basic concept cards pretty quickly in our collective class worship at the start of the day, but the more complex versions needed a lot more attention and so each class focussed on just one panel of The Big Frieze artwork. After discussion, group work and planning, we began creating our own mini panel tofit inside our booklets. These booklets will be referred to in coming weeks and will help us to develop a deeper understanding of the bible stories we share at future collective worships by helping us to understand how they fit into the big story of Christianity.

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