Our Pedagogical Principles

Highly effective teaching and learning is dependent on…

Children editing work

Verbal and written reflections on progress and outcomes

Teachers reflecting on their own practice

Modelling and scaffolding how to reflect

Knowing skills and next steps

Child-led Opportunities

Children leading and teaching themselves and others

Collaborative learning

Pupils having a voice

Ownership in what is being taught

Inspiring hooks

Enthusiastic and passionate teachers

Purposeful and active learning

Variety of activities, input and content

New knowledge


Mutual levels of respect

Culture of trust and openness

Using others’ skills effectively to enhance the team

Creating positive, strong, caring and professional relationships between all members of the school community

Regular written and oral

Personalised and differentiated

Opportunities to act on feedback

Next steps to inform and develop learning

Feedback to and from teachers and pupils

Personalised Learning

High challenge/low threat activities


Clear steps to success

Awareness of next steps

Variety of teaching styles 


Building on prior knowledge
An Effective Environment

Everything having a place

Learning resources accessible to children

Engaging and celebratory displays

Culture of respect and responsibility

A secure and safe space

All shared areas tidy and organised
Effective Questioning

Talk partners

Opportunities for disagreement and discussion

Planned higher order questions

Children both answering and asking

Encouraging explanation and reasoning
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