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We believe that school uniform is important because:

  • It contributes to a sense of belonging and fosters a feeling of pride in our school and takes away the need for children to decide what to wear on a daily basis;
  • Children need not be worried about issues of fashion or competitive dressing and promotes equality of opportunity;

  • It looks smart and makes a firm distinction between home and school, promoting a more business like attitude to work and learning.

We ask that all children wear the uniform and we encourage them to maintain a good standard of clean and tidy dress. The existence of a school uniform creates an even greater need for all items of clothing to be marked with the owner’s name. Extremes of dress or appearance are not acceptable and the Governors reserve the right to decide what constitutes ‘extreme’.

Notices about uniform will be given via the school newsletter including the dates for termly second-hand uniform sales. 


Branded red school sweatshirt with logo

White polo shirt (branded version with logo optional)

Unbranded grey skirt or trousers or shorts

Unbranded red and white checked summer dress

Grey tights

Plain white/grey socks


Plain black with a flat heel and no platform.

Flat sandals are allowed in summer but not ‘jellies’ or ‘crocs’. Sandals are to be worn with socks.

Plain black boots are allowed during the winter.

PE kit

Unbranded black PE shorts                                           

Unbranded black Tracksuit bottoms (for outdoor work in winter)

Plain white t-shirt (branded version with logo optional)

Trainers or daps (trainers for outdoor use)

Any suitable design PE kit bag


Only small stud earrings and wristwatches are allowed.

All jewellery should be removed or taped for PE.

No rings, bracelets or necklaces are allowed to be worn at school.


Should be tidy and appropriate. Extravagant styles and/or dyed hair are not considered appropriate for school.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories such as slides, ribbons, bobbles etc. should be plain and simple and, if possible, in school colours.

Make up

Make up and nail varnish are not allowed to be worn at school.

Hats and Scarves

Hats are not to be worn inside the school building and scarves should be removed on arrival at school and not worn during lessons.

In hot weather we particularly recommend that hats be worn outside.

Swimming kit

Swimming costumes should be a one piece costume for girls and trunks for boys. Goggles can be used if needed and children will need a named towel. All kit should be placed in a named, waterproof bag.

Hot and cold weather

Please ensure that your child is sent to school in clothes appropriate to the weather.

All unbranded uniform is readily available from the high street or online retailers.

Our school sweatshirt and optional polo and t-shirt, branded with an embroidered school logo, are available from school suppliers, Scholars  

4 Terrace Walk

T: (01225) 462206
E: bath@scholars-uk.com




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