Year 6 Enterprise Fair

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2 July 2020

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we all held our breath and crossed our fingers and were rewarded with a dry afternoon for Year 6's first of two 'socially distanced' enterprise fairs. Enterprise has become a bit of a rite of passage at WJS and the Year 6 team were determined to allow this cohort to take part, despite the difficult circumstances. The children threw themselves into the challenge with every bit as much dedication and enthusiasm as in previous years, going above and beyond to get high quality products made at home and create novel and fun activities. They stepped up to the challenge of ensuring government guidelines and school rules were kept to - making socially distanced queuing systems and ensuring all activities adhered to strict hygiene standards.

The fair was a huge success, with children and adults alike having a wonderful time. Bubble 2's turn for the fair is this afternoon. Money raised will help make the end of term special for this wonderful group of Year 6 children. Thanks to everybody for your support.

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