Themes at WJS



What do I want learners to understand?


The Knowledge Box

What do I want learners to know?

What are the key pieces of information that a learner must have in order to understand the BIG idea?

What vocabulary will the learners need to know in order to understand this theme?

The Enquiry Question

What do I want the learners to wonder about?

What are the bigger philosophical questions and ideas that the learners need to think about?

How will the learners make links and connect other pieces of learning that they have acquired?

The Learning Offer

What will every learner experience?

What do I need to offer and provide within this theme in order to ensure equity for my learners?

The Polished Products

What skills will the learners create/make/design?


The Medium Term Plan

What are the skills I need to cover within the theme?

How do I ensure all learners have the opportunity to progress?

Have I planned a broad and balanced theme, taking into account our pedagogical principles?
7. The Planning Journey Have I articulated a clear rationale behind the theme which provides all learners with an education that fulfils ’The Widcombe Way’?
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